NCEA Literacy and Numeracy Corequisites

New requirements for graduating students

What are the new NCEA Literacy and Numeracy Corequisite standards?

New Zealand's National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) are national qualifications for senior secondary school students.

New corequisite standards for literacy and numeracy have been created by the Ministry of Education and will become a mandatory part of the NCEA in 2024.

These changes are designed to ensure that high school students graduate with strong foundations in literacy and numeracy.

From 2024, to achieve the NCEA corequisite, students need to achieve the package of Literacy and Numeracy standards that are worth 20 credits in total.

Learners can work towards the corequisite at the same time as they work towards the 60 credits needed for each level of NCEA.

How will students achieve an NCEA Corequisite in Literacy and Numeracy?

To gain an NCEA qualification, students will need to pass two standards in literacy and one standard in numeracy.
·        Read written texts to understand ideas and information. (US32403)
·        Write texts to communicate ideas and information. (US32405)
·        Use mathematics and statistics to meet the numeracy demands of a range of situations. (US32406)

How will this be assessed?

The new standards will be externally asses­­­sed, and students will need to pass the standards to be awarded any level of NCEA qualification.

The standards will be assessed using a Common Assessment Activity (CAA).

The CAA is an online assessment that teachers will organise for students. The standards will each take about an hour, but there are no time limits to the assessment.

When can students take the assessments?

Students can sit the Literacy and Numeracy CAAs anytime from Year 9 onwards.
This means a student may sit the reading CAA in Year 9, the numeracy CAA in Year 10 and the writing CAA in year 11. Another student might sit the reading CAA when they are in Year 12 and the writing and reading CAAs when they are in Year 10.

Will tutoring help my child attain their NCEA Corequisites in Literacy and Numeracy?

If your child is struggling at school, tutoring can support them to achieve their learning goals and help them navigate the requirements of the Common Assessment Activities.

If you’re concerned about your child’s literacy and numeracy skills, book a free learning assessment. A free assessment will determine how your child is really doing in class.

Assessments can be taken at a Kip McGrath Centre or online.


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