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Five signs your child is struggling at School (and how you can help)

Struggling to learn or adopt new concepts at school may contribute to poor self-esteem in the short term and affect your child’s mental health in the long term.

by Kip Insights Team 4 min read

The Benefits of Professional English Tutoring

Professional English tutoring can give your child a boost in confidence and a higher chance at success. At Kip McGrath, we understand that every child’s learning journey is unique.

by Kip Insights Team 3 min read

Maths Tutoring : Unlocking Your Child’s Potential

When it comes to mathematics, having the right tutor can make all the difference. That’s where Kip McGrath’s maths tutoring can help. Learn how our tailored approach to maths education can empower your child and boost their confidence.

by Kip Insights Team 2 min read