Kip McGrath has been supporting New Zealand students since 1991, and like Fletcher Building, we’re proud of the difference we make to the lives of everyday New Zealanders.

If you’re a New Zealand employee of Fletcher Building, your child may be entitled to receive funding towards Kip McGrath tutoring through the Fletcher Building Employee Educational Fund (FB EEF).

To apply for funding, you’ll need to complete a Dependent Application Form on the Fletcher Building Employee Educational Fund website.

During the application process, you’ll need to provide Fletcher Building with:

Yes, learning assessments are free and will benchmark your child’s literacy and numeracy skills against the New Zealand curriculum. You’ll receive feedback from the assessor after the test and be provided with insights into any identifiable learning gaps.

Tuition can take place in one of our Education Centres, online via our bespoke learning platform or a mixture of both.

Each session is currently $63.00. From 1 January, 2024 each session will be $64.00.
Each application is at the Trustees’ discretion, but funding is normally approved around 75%.
Yes, lessons are limited to one tuition session, per child, per week.

You will need to pay Kip McGrath on a term-by-term basis (in advance).

You may either

  1. Pay the whole amount directly to Kip McGrath and then be reimbursed by the FB EEF, or
  2. Forward the invoice for the term's tutoring to the FB EEF. The FB EEF will then pay Kip McGrath the approved % directly and you pay the balance.

For more information, please contact

You will receive an approval email from the FB EEF advising that your funding application has been successful. Please forward this to your Kip McGrath Centre.
Applications are considered quarterly so funding may not be available straight away.
Funding can only be requested on a yearly basis, so you will need to submit a new application each year.
Visit our Find A Centre page to locate your closest Kip McGrath Centre.
Please contact the FB EEF Fund Manager, Kath Bason using this form.
We combine our traditional teaching models with the latest technology and convenience. Resources are in line with the national curriculum.
Each student is assessed to determine their learning level and a personalised program is created specific to each child's skills and abilities.
Kip McGrath tutors communicate directly with classroom teachers and provide regular updates on the progress made toward the student’s learning goal.